Justin Garcia Assistant Professor of Gender Studies

The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University


Justin Garcia is an evolutionary biologist, specializing in the study of how human evolution has shaped our sexual and romantic behavior. His research focuses on the evolutionary and biocultural foundations of human behavior, particularly romantic love, intimacy, and sexuality. He is especially interested in notions of commitment and attachment in romantic and sexual relationships. Garcia has said that "the most consistent feature of human sexuality is the remarkable diversity which exists among individuals and cultures." He notes that environmental and cultural forces contextualize and shape our sexuality in unique ways; for example, his research explores the development of a new Western "hook-up culture" that is accepting of casual sex. Garcia is also a scientific advisor at the dating site Match.com.



Evolution’s Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women (co-editor)
Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior (with Peter B. Gray)

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