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Your Brain Is Changing All the Time

Richie Davidson on Brain Plasticity
Richie Davidson



Carmen Schoenborn
5 years ago

I would like to see practical articles about brain plasticity and changing your brain for the better.

Michael Taft
5 years ago

Thanks for your feedback, Carmen. I agree that brain plasticity is an extremely interesting topic!

Meera Lee
5 years ago

Hey Carmen, you might be interested in this recent piece on the site: http://www.beinghuman.org/article/interview-eric-nestler-dark-side-brain-plasticity 

Don't be put off by the title; I think the implications of the research Eric Nestler talks about are fundamentally positive—it's clear, for instance, that training can improve the brain's ability to withstand severe stress.

fanSG fanSDG
3 years ago

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